Your furniture is something that you use every day. It is an investment that should receive regular professional cleanings. This will increase the life of your furniture, and in the long run save you money. Upholstery can be a difficult matter. The fabric used in furniture is not always durable or friendly to cleaning. The fabric looks and feels wonderful when we buy it, but find that it does not always hold up well. Just because we pay a lot for a piece of furniture does not indicate that the fabric will hold up well under normal circumstances. Sadly, it seems like the more we pay for that sofa or chair, the less durable and forgiving the fabric seems to be. 

Not all hope is lost if we have fine furnishings. One should vacuum and spot clean the furniture frequently. Annual cleaning can be highly successful if these furnishings are cleaned before they become overly dirty.

We offer a cleaning and a Protection Package in which we will use a protector that is designed for furniture, which is not the same thing as we would apply to your carpet. Most protectors for carpet balance its protection between wet spills and solids such as dirt; but perform best towards dirt. Better fabric protectors will be geared more strongly to protect against liquid spills, since this is the most common type of stain that furniture encounters. Dirt buildup is only seen on neglected furniture and will normally be a minor concern if weekly vacuuming is taking place.

When we come to your house we will inspect the furniture and evaluate the potential for cleaning. If it is cleanable, Fiber Protection is advisable. We can also come out and apply a superb quality protector on new furniture to prevent those spills and stains.

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