Carpet Protection... Do I Need It? 

Many carpets come with carpet protection already applied to its fibers. Unfortunately, these coatings wear out in time, just like so-called "permanent" Teflon coated cookware. Eventually, the friction of foot traffic and improper chemicals used in cleaning will strip that protective layer away. When this happens your carpet investment becomes more vulnerable to permanent stains and excessive wear. 

Renewing this coating on an annual basis is a sure way to keep your carpet looking like new. Renewed Carpet Protector not only resists stains, it also enhances the abrasive resistance in carpet fibers. It makes vacuuming easier and more effective. It also makes future cleanings easier (and with Ever-Fresh... cheaper!) 




New Carpet Fibers

Here’s an illustration of what your carpet fibers look like when they’re new. Carpet fibers look polished and reflect light, looking bright and clean.

Worn Carpet Fibers

Over time, sand, dust, dirt, and other abrasives get ground into the carpet and damage starts to deteriorate the fibers. Dirt in carpet acts like sandpaper, slowly destroying one of your biggest investments; your carpet. 

With this abrasion the carpet fibers will become dull, limp, and matted, fuzzy looking, and due to severe damage they will look dirty even though they were just cleaned. Basically, the carpet prematurely wears and "uglies out", needing replacement.



Dirty Carpet Fibers

As your carpet fiber surfaces become worn and walked upon, their surface becomes more porous, and begins to become even more susceptible to trapping dirt, oil, germs, and bacteria.

When Ever-Fresh removes these abrasive and unhealthy contaminants, the breakdown of the fibers is slowed. Unfortunately, cleaning cannot undo any damage already done to the fibers. Once the fibers become porous, they will always be susceptible to a more rapid re-soiling. 


Carpet Protector

When carpet protector is applied after a each professional cleaning, the porous openings in your carpet fibers are filled in, leaving a smooth, like-new surface.  Every time you vacuum, all the sand, dirt, pollens, dust mites and their feces are repelled, and more easily whisked up by your vacuum. 

With regular vacuuming and cleaning, years will be added to your carpet's beauty, in addition to making your home more healthy!


We offer three types of Carpet Protection

1) A premium Protector that includes dye blockers. This is the latest technology on the market, and is especially effective on nylon fibers. 

2) Another option is a Green Friendly Protector which contains 2-3 times the protective material as the big name-brand protectors. No substance in this Protector is unsafe for the earth, and it contains no known carcinogenic or toxic substances to people and pets. 

3. A "refresh" Protector that imparts an acid dye blocker. It is a new technology cleaner that contains a high quality dye blocker in it. This option is great for a "refresh" on any carpet that is only a year old, or has had a full treatment within the previous year. If you only need your protection "topped off," and you only have lightly soiled carpet, this one-step process saves me time, and you money! If your carpet qualifies, this is the economy option for you!

Every one of these options far exceed what most other companies will apply to your carpet. I am more concerned with providing you with the best protection, not just offering you the the biggest name.

I have full confidence that any of the above options will not only meet, but exceed any competitive products on the market. Because of this, I can offer a stain and spill warrantee that no other company will match! With your cleaning and Protection application, I will provide you with a bottle of our Professional Spot-Out Carpet Spotter and a stain removal guide. If any covered stain does not come out after you attempt to remove it, you are encouraged to set up an appointment so I can come out and clean it free of charge for one entire year from the date of its application! 

If you take advantage of our Ever-Fresh "Always Clean" Program, you will not only receive the same outstanding spill and stain warrantee, but also 1/2 price cleanings for an entire year! If you like your carpet cleaned more frequently than once a year, you can have all the half price carpet cleanings you wish for an entire year! This means that if you schedule an appointment a year out from your original cleaning, you only pay 1/2 price for that cleaning, plus the price of protector!  

You only have to have your carpet cleaned and protected annually to receive unlimited 1/2 price cleanings! Will any other company give you such a guarantee, or such a value?  

    Treated carpet will  help to prevent staining and  fiber damage

Untreated carpet quickly absorbs spills and soil

While not all treated carpet will bead liquids as above, our protector options still impart a high level of stain resistance to the carpet fiber. Your carpet will not only resist stains, but to will release dry soils much easier when vacuumed, reducing abrasion which will prematurely wear out your carpet. 



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