One of the most challenging parts of carpet cleaning is the removal of those "impossible" spots and stains! If there is any place where education and the quality of the best stain removers is critical, it is here.

Many carpet cleaners give up if their standard solution does not remove a spot. Many of them do not even carry any specialty stain removers on their vehicles because of their short life span and high cost of use. It takes time to remove the "impossible," and that would interfere with them getting to the next job.

At EVER-FRESH CARPET CLEANING, we carry top-of-the-line spotting solutions with us on every appointment. While no one can live up to the promise that they can get EVERY stain out, I can boldly say that if I cannot get it out, it is unlikely that anyone else can either!  

98% of all stains can be removed, or reduced to reasonable levels with the use of advanced products and techniques. Whether it is urine, wine, ink, Kool-Aid, coffee, or soda spills, there is a high probability that we can get it out. I feel a great sense of gratification when I am able to remove what the previous cleaner said was "impossible" to get out. This, unfortunately, happens more than we would like to believe.

If you have a tough stain, don't dump everything under the kitchen sink on it! Give us a call for free advice or an appointment to remove these things before they become too set in! I am up for the challenge!


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