Some odors will just not go away by opening a window for a short while. Cigar and cigarette smoke gets into everything: Carpet, duct work, furniture, and even permeates into ceilings and walls. A simple sprits from a can of deodorizer may "improve" the situation, but when it wears off, the stench is still there. Tobacco smoke is loaded with tar and carcinogens, which slowly seep out and affects the air quality in a home long after the smoker has stopped smoking in the home. Cigar and cigarette smoke is so pervasive that it even transfers from fiber to fiber, such as: clothes transferring odor to furniture by contact with one another. 

Vehicles that have been smoked in sometimes are so bad that one cannot ever get 100% of the smell out of it. We have the most effective and proven methods and equipment to deal with these odors. We use several proven methods, usually in combination with each other to deal with the issue. Many companies that deal with tobacco issues only take a single-pronged approach, using only one method for everything, hoping it works. Severe odor removal however, is a science and can be much more complicated that people assume. 

If you need more than just a can of spray scent to deal with an issue, give us a call for Professional Odor Removal Services. 



Pet odor stems from many different things. It is not limited to urine and feces, but also to body oils, dander, and bacteria. There is no singular approach to this variety of odors, but depending on what we are dealing with, we have everything that is needed to get things under control.

If urine is the problem, we will come in and "black-light" the carpet and find the source of the stink. Because this smell can move from the carpet to the air, it can permeate the walls and ductwork of an entire house. Depending of the severity, or the source (cat or dog), the level of success will be discussed. In every case, a reduction in the severity of the smell can be achieved to a great degree, if not completely. There are unfortunately times where the damage is so deep and severe that the cost of treatment can exceed the replacement of carpet. We will be happy to give you our evaluation. 

Don't delay and end up with a greater expense that requires the replacement of your carpet. Call us today!



Skunk, sewage, dead animals, and cooking fires can be dealt with. Some, depending on the severity and location, are very expensive to deal with. There is a point to where I will recommend that you contact your home-owner's insurance representative because you may need a full remediation service. Though I have most of the same professional equipment and chemicals at my disposal that they do, I do not have the expensive trained crew required to tackle large remediation jobs. My specialty is to offer levels of service that are affordable to the average home-owner that does not wish to make a claim against their insurance. If you need that level of remediation, I will be more than happy to advise you.


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1. You have just bought a used car and it stinks of cigarette smoke.

2. You smoke and want to get rid of the smell before you try to sell your house.

3. Your pet has left an odor that you can't quite get rid of.

4. You have had a cooking disaster that has left the house smelling rank.

5. You have quit smoking and want to get rid of the cigarette smoke odor for good!