Your Carpet is a big investment! Most people do not realize that besides their home and automobile, flooring in their house is in most cases the next largest investment that they make! If you have 2,000 square feet of carpet and padding installed, the price-tag will easily reach $8,000 dollars and more! If you do not care for your carpet as instructed by the mills that made it, the usable life of your carpet can be as little as 6 years! The average time in which the average homeowner stays satisfied with their carpets is usually half the life in which the carpet is rated to last. The main cause is failure to maintain the carpet as directed by the manufacturer. So, if you think that regular cleanings are inconvenient or expensive, try replacement! With regular Cleaning and renewed Protector, your carpet can easily exceed 15-25 years! 

The value of your home is greatly affected by the condition of your flooring. If you allow the condition of your carpet to degrade and try to sell your house, most people will want the flooring replaced as part of the deal. That comes out of your pocket!

We offer high quality carpet cleaning, using only the highest quality cleaning solutions and Protectors that are designed exclusively for carpet. When we are done with your carpet, it will look sparkling clean and smell fresh, with the added benefit of helping you to maintain a healthy indoor environment. Dirty carpet is full of germs, dead skin, grease and oil from our bodies and cooking, and sometimes even hold on to harmful viruses. Pets in the home add fur, dander, and foul odors to the mix. We can remove these items from your carpet, renewing the appearance and life of it.


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We pride ourselves on the value of our services. We offer reasonable and competitive pricing, using only the highest quality cleaning solutions; and the generous Always Clean Program!

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